LED Emergency Strobe Lights

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Emergency LED Strobe Lights are a great way to create a pressence on the road. These lights are not only for average consumers but also for commercial vehicles such as Tow Trucks, Police Cars, Dump Trucks, and other Emergency Vehicles.

Our LED Strobe Light Kits come in packs of 6 pieces.

These are universal kits that can be installed on any vehicle regardless of make or model.


Built with the latest 4 watt super power LED Chip in each bulb, the light intensity of this kit outperforms most of the strobe light bulbs that use regular LEDs or even 1-2w high power LEDs. While increasing the light output and durability, Xenon Corporation has significantly reduced the bulbs size to 1"x1"x0.8". Furthermore, the user can select 20 different flash patterns (most other manufacturers only offer 3-5 flash patterns) and view the current flash pattern through the LED indicator in the switch button. The memory function will automatically recall the last selected pattern when the kit is turned back on.

Designed to be the most advanced strobe light solution on the market. Xenon Corporation has improved the circuit design to bring the load capability to max 10 strobe bulbs (most high power strobe systems can only load a maximum of six bulbs).

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